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New Delivery Schedule

We have managed to put together a driver schedule with the few drivers we have to make things work.

Unfortunately, we will not be delivering on Friday and Saturday nights. With the number of drivers, the demand is too high and ticket times will affect the quality of the pizza. We encourage to pick up if you can.

Gas prices make it hard to hire additional employees at this time. Even though we pay them a great hourly wage.

Our Drivers have been with Sky's Pizza for years. We do not want to let them go because they are an asset to the daily functioning of the restaurant. They make sauce, help the cooks when they are busy, fold boxes, clean and do dishes.

$25.00 Minimum with a $3.99 Delivery fee included.

Delivery available

1045am-9pm Monday -Thursday

1045-5 Friday - Saturday 

Closed on Sundays 

Thank you all for being understanding.

Don't forget to tip your drivers that's how they make a living.

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